Cider drinkers beat ale fans to top in intelligence study

PUBLISHED: 05:00 01 April 2015 | UPDATED: 09:06 02 April 2015

Cider drinkers of Somerset top study.

Cider drinkers of Somerset top study.


Study shows that cider drinkers have a 25 per cent higher IQ than beer drinkers

A recent study has confirmed what, to many, will be already known – those who drink cider on a regular basis are, in fact, cleverer than those who drink lager or real ale. The results of the medical trial were released on April 1. Undertaken by 500 participants at the UWE research centre, the trials suggest that regular sippers of still, scrumpy ciders come out on top at 25 per cent, followed by sparkling cider drinkers with IQs 19 per cent higher than those ordering a pint of beer or lager.


The IQ test is formed from a number of standardised tests designed to assess human intelligence based on the quickness of the participant’s mental comprehension. Mensa, the high IQ society require a score of 132 to place a candidate in the top 2 per cent of the population. With cider drinkers in the study achieving well above average score of 100, it looks to be a good day for lovers of the apple-based beverage.


John Fowler, representative of the Scrumpy Growers Association said: “We were thrilled to hear the results of the study – of course we have always known that cider is the best drink and creates the best drinkers, but it’s great to have it confirmed in this way!”


With the 2 per cent budget cut in cider duty, it looks as though high IQs and quick wits among the scrumpy-drinking population are set to continue.



P.S. Happy April 1st everyone.

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