The delicious smell of Easter

PUBLISHED: 10:00 31 March 2014

Delicious tart and macaroons

Delicious tart and macaroons


Pullins, a Somerset family business that has been going strong for decades, has created an Easter recipe exclusively for Somerset Life readers

Hot cross bun bread and butter puddingHot cross bun bread and butter pudding

Said to be the oldest bakery in North Somerset, the Pullins tale began back in 1925 when the business was started by Thomas George Pullin, an ambitious farmer who sold his livestock, took a loan from a local flour miller and bought a little bakery.

In those early days, local door-to-door deliveries were made by bakers donning breeches and leather leggings, carrying wicker baskets full of bread and other goods. For deliveries further afield, horse-drawn carts were used.

There were stables out the back of the bakery and the carts were later replaced by a Model T Ford.

Tom had two sons, Leslie and Bryan, who both joined the bakery, later carrying it through the war years, baking in darkness at times due to the black-out laws with only a few gas lamps and the coal fired ovens for light.

Leslie stayed at home during the war, while Bryan served with the forces abroad, later being called back to help manage the business with his brother.

After World War Two Bryan had two sons, Trevor and Kim, who both joined the bakery and who still direct the business today.

Trevor married in the 1970s to Sue, who today is finance director and mother of the current generation, Angela and Mike.

Almost 90 years and four generations later Pullins is still here, baking fresh bread daily for three shops, farmers markets and customers throughout Somerset and beyond.

Pullins hot cross bun bread and butter pudding

You will need:

300g Full Fat Milk

100g Double Cream

50g Butter

2 Eggs

25g Vanilla Sugar

Zest of one Lemon

15g of Dried Cranberry

40g Raisins

20g Vanilla Syrup (to soak the cranberry and raisins)

4 Pullins Hot Cross Buns

Apricot Jam (for glazing)

4 Ceramic ramekins


1. Whip up the sugar and the eggs in a mixer.

2. Add the cream and the milk and mix, before finally adding the lemon zest.

3. Slice the hot cross buns sideways into four, and then use a round cookie cutter to cut the slices to fit the ramekin.

4. Begin to layer the ramekin – start with a disk of hot cross bun, then a thin slice of butter, followed by the soaked fruit and the mixture.

5. Continue to layer this way and finish the pudding with the top of the hot cross bun.

6. Place the ramekins in an oven dish filled with water so that the water reaches just below the top of the ramekins.

7. Put the oven dish into a preheated oven at 150ºC for 30 minutes. Once cool, brush the top of each with warmed up apricot jam to glaze.

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