PUBLISHED: 18:28 31 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:40 20 February 2013



Heather Jansch joins an Easter Sculpture Trail at the University of Bristol Botanic Garden


Magical driftwood horses with flowing manes, towering Islamic stainless steel sculptures, shimmering silver birds and ceramic water bowls inspired by water lilies in Thailand are just a few of the delights to be seen at the Botanic Garden this Easter. Exhibitors include Heather Jansch, Tom Clark, Aurora Pozniakow, Emma Jean Kemp, Karen Edwards, Adele Christensen, Willa Ashworth, Jude Goss, Susan Long, Julian P. Warren and Pete Moorhouse. Designs have been created in wood, stone, metalwork, ceramics, steel and stained glass.

This exhibition enables visitors to see the uniqueness of the plant collections at the Botanic Garden in a different light, as a context for displaying sculpture inspired by the natural world explains Curator, Nicholas Wray.

The garden provides the stimulus and setting to inspire students and provide a backdrop to their work in a range of educational artistic activities.

Sculptors are selected on the basis of the range of mediums used to illustrate possibilities and inspire students who visit the botanic garden. Nick Wray describes just one educational opportunity, the regular course focusing on botanical illustration taught by Jenny Brooks which draws on the minute detail contained in the natural world. A number of small artistic groups also visit the garden each year.

A major theme at the garden is the study of pollination. This is achieved in a highly creative manner by the installations of willow weavers dotted around the garden. An additional way of capturing the gardens surprises is through the camera lens. In particular, the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden offers plenty of inspiration on even the dullest of days with its architectural plants, bamboo laing and moon gate.

The Botanic Garden is delighted to be able to show Heather Janschs stunningly life-like horse sculpture created entirely from driftwood washed up on the beach. In 1999 Heather was invited to join one of the most important exhibitions of British Sculpture ever to be mounted, "The Shape of the Century - One Hundred Year of British Sculpture" as part of the millennium celebration alongside sculpture greats including Moore, Hepworth, Frink and Caro .

ADMISSION: Adults: 3 50.Free to Friends, university staff, students and children under 16.

UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL BOTANIC GARDEN, The Holmes, Stoke Park Road, Stoke Bishop, BS9 1JG. 0117 331 4906 www.bristol.ac.uk/botanic-garden

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