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PUBLISHED: 09:00 21 March 2014

Dotty Water Resistant Gloves - £3.99

Dotty Water Resistant Gloves - £3.99


Usually you wouldn’t dare wear something nice whilst gardening but maybe it is time to ditch the dull clothing and get fashionable in the garden

Classic Wellies - £29.99Classic Wellies - £29.99

If you’re anything like us when it comes to gardening, fashion is right at the back of our minds. But now things are changing. Why can’t we look the part whilst pulling out those pesky weeds? Of course, you’re not going 
to be wearing a designer dress or a tailored suit when potting the 
plants or mowing the lawn, but 
we’ve realised that you most definitely can add some style to your gardening attire.

On our quest for garden fashion, we came across Wincanton-based Briers, which offers a range of clothing that oozes style, as well as quality, practicality and durability.

The Stardust collection is a range of subtle but elegantly-styled wellies and clogs. In stark contrast to Stardust, is the Daisy Boot, a vibrant and distinctive style that comes 
in beautifully-designed floral patterns, particularly perfect for those grey days.

So now our footwear is sorted, how can we protect our hands stylishly? Gardening gloves in a variety of styles and sizes have been created by Briers, and they are tough enough to tackle any gardening task.

Boppers - £34.99Boppers - £34.99

They’ve even created four ranges of wellies, gloves and rainmacs with designers Wayne Hemingway MBE and Gerardine Hemingway MBE and their HemingwayDesign. These new collections are inspired by a variety of themes: look out for 1950s Pop Art style wellies gloves and rainmacs, allowing for a truly stylish look with all the practicalities we need.

Kids can also dress fashionably in the garden as they learn about nature and taking care of the garden, thanks to a licensed range of Gruffalo® kids wear. The collection includes everything from fleece jackets to wellington boots and is sure to get the kids outside and active. As well as the much-loved Gruffalo attire, Briers also produces the Stardust wellies in children’s sizes.

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