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PUBLISHED: 10:58 25 April 2008 | UPDATED: 15:07 20 February 2013

Make a bold statement with Malabar's range of vibrantly coloured hand-woven cottons:

Make a bold statement with Malabar's range of vibrantly coloured hand-woven cottons:

This May 'Somerset Life' suggests ways to make your bedroom beautiful. The bedroom is a great room in which to express yourself in design terms. It is the perfect place to go to extremes. Go mad with colour, back to nature with natural tones and n...


If your idea of heaven is bright colours and bold patterns, then the bedroom is a great place to indulge. Most of your time will be spent asleep, but when you're awake you can sit up surrounded by an exhilarating cacophony of your favourite colours. Colour can be hugely uplifting - reds and pinks look gorgeous and clash beautifully, and will look great with some bright turquoise tones and a splash of orange.

Consider wallpaper for the walls: choose a deep red and pink damask or a huge paisley design. Hang curtains from poles with colourful glass or rope finials. Brightly coloured patterned fabric looks amazing made into big, oversized curtains that pool onto the floor. Dress up your bed linen with cushions and throws in a myriad of colours and textures.

Furniture painted in bright pink, turquoise or lime-green would look great in a colourful bedroom like this. Consider a couple of lime-green bedside tables, and top these with heavy-based lamps with pink or orange velvet shades. You could go the whole hog and lay a brightly coloured carpet too - a stripe would look good or, failing that, buy some beautiful colourful rugs to finish the look.

In a scheme like this the byword has to be brave - there is no room for safe in this look. Be bold, be brave and mix colours you normally would not dream of putting together, and... have fun!


With nature in mind, using earthy tones and natural fibres, a dramatic look can be created in a bedroom. A wood or bamboo floor would be a fine start. Paper the walls with a grass paper or, if on a tight budget, one of the look-alikes that are available. A beautiful wooden bed - a four-poster or bateau lit - would be a lovely centrepiece, adorned with a wool throw in taupe and beige colours, and natural fibre cushions.

Use linen for the curtains and have a natural wood pole. Linen looks good when you use two colours, so add interest by having a deep hem or a border down the leading edge in the same fabric but a shade or two different. If you wish to add detail, embellish with a natural jute fringe or braid down the leading edge.

Another way to dress the windows for this look is to install natural wood plantation shutters. They give the room a 'colonial' feel and are great if you like the bedroom to be very dark, but they can be softened with some voile curtains.

Interiors should always look as if they have evolved rather than been put together

For other furniture, teak chests look lovely as bedside tables, with clear glass bedside lights. Don't be afraid to use different woods in one scheme. It does work to have one colour for the wood floor, another for the bed and yet another for other furniture. Interiors should always look as if they have evolved rather than been put together.

If you need to add colour, use rust, taupe and possibly green, but nothing too harsh or invasive.


Duck-egg blue, bluish green and soft cream conjure up a quiet oasis of calm and tranquillity. Use them all together to create your very own space to relax in at the end of a hard day.

Paint or paper the walls in a soft duck-egg blue. Hang lovely soft prints on the walls framed in cream-painted frames or pale wood. Paint all the woodwork a soft creamy white.

A French-style painted bed would fit well in this type of scheme. Again, choose a soft cream rather than a white. Alternatively, an upholstered headboard in a beautiful soft velvet or chenille would work well. Adorn bed linen with some pretty green and duck-egg blue cushions embellished with buttons and feathers. A gorgeous throw or bedspread will complete the look for the bed.

On the floor, wood will look great painted cream, or limed, and topped with a beautiful rug or two. Velvet carpet in a soft green or cream is another option.

Several layers of curtains would be pretty in this scheme. Try a double pole with voiles hanging from the back pole and a pretty soft floral or plain linen hanging from the front. You can tie both pairs back at slightly different levels so that both show. This is a very soft and feminine look that suits a bedroom perfectly.

Keep lighting simple, perhaps with a pair of white-painted lamps with pale-green silk lampshades for the bedsides, and an understated cream centre light.


Bedrooms are all too often claimed by the female of the house, but a masculine look can be striking, especially if you prefer the sharper, more tailored look.

Try black or navy blue teamed with a dark cream, with a touch of cherry red thrown in to give the scheme a kick. Either paper the walls or paint them in a light caramel colour and paint the woodwork a shade or two lighter. Hang pictures in black frames (in groups, if small) on all available walls. To give the room a very sharp look stick a 4cm wide black grosgrain ribbon around the room at ceiling height, and dado height if you have one.

Choose a heavy wooden bed in mahogany or painted black. Bed linen can be enhanced by just two cushions, large and square in a plain wool or felt, then place a wool throw over the end of the bed in black, charcoal or dark red. The other furniture should be dark too. Look for a large tallboy or armoire and chunky bedside tables.

Recessed lighting would look best in this room, with just two large wooden-based bedside lamps with black shades.

Wood on the floor would be a good choice; a dark oak or wenge board - the wider the better. Failing that, a good textured carpet in a light toffee colour.

Spend a moment to think about what you want from your bedroom and have some fun. It really is a perfect room to 'theme' in the broadest sense of the word. BY NADINE SCOTT-MASSON

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