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PUBLISHED: 10:39 04 January 2012 | UPDATED: 20:51 20 February 2013

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Weve been house hunting for well over six months and still havent found anything we like. Is there any way we can improve our search technique?

For anyone struggling to find the right house, I have one invaluable piece of advice... stop looking at just the pictures!

Pictures on the internet can be atrocious, and many perfectly good properties are rejected because they dont photograph well, or havent been photographed well. Even if a property really is ugly, it may not take much to turn it into a swan.

A lot of your budget can be spent on an attractive period exterior. Buying a non-period property can mean a better location and more square-footage. Going ugly and paying for a face lift can be a wise move in the current climate.

One of the reasons that using a buying agent produces results where an individual house hunter has failed is that we go and look at everything that meets the brief, whatever the appearance. We know from experience that looks can be deceptive.

If the property really is ugly, consider what it is thats making it ugly, and which areas you can improve. Theres an awful lot you can do with landscaping; re-rendering and/or painting; removal/replacement of ugly additions, porches, conservatories; growing climbers; changing the drive/approach; and one of the most spectacular improvements replacing or repainting the windows. Just tidying up the exterior and giving the house room to breathe can help a lot.

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