8 of the most romantic spots in Somerset

PUBLISHED: 16:58 14 February 2018 | UPDATED: 16:58 14 February 2018

Grove Park, Weston-super-Mare (c) Visit Britain

Grove Park, Weston-super-Mare (c) Visit Britain


It might still be winter but romance is in the air, as it often is in February. Flowers and chocolates and expressions of love become oh, so important and the setting has to be perfect too, so Bernard Bale takes us on a tour of Somerset’s beautiful and romantic surroundings

The sea, the countryside, the day and the night all combine together in this beautiful county to provide a backdrop that steals the breath of even the most determined cynic. With chocolate box cottages dotted around the county’s villages and wild flowers in the hedgerows, Somerset must surely be not just one of the most picturesque counties in the land, but also one of the most atmospheric. Romance is in the air, but Somerset is where it can be breathed.

Lovers’ Walk, Grove Park

Where better to hold hands for the first time, steal that first kiss or even pop the question than Lovers’ Walk, found in the beautiful Grove Park at Weston-super-Mare? Grove Park is the grounds of the 17th century Grove House, which became the property of the Pigott family in 1696. The park was their private garden and, surrounded by the mixed perfumes of flowers and trees, one cannot help but wonder how many lovers throughout the centuries shared a special moment in this atmospheric setting.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

As those inexplicable feelings of love flow, so do the waters of Pulteney Bridge, Bath. This is no ordinary bridge. It has been described as ‘the most romantic bridge in the world’ and compared with the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Best viewed from Parade Gardens, the amazing bridge is constantly serenaded by the waters of the crescent weir. A beautiful spot for a beautiful moment.


Weston-super-Mare also offers another romantic locale: Uphill. Best at sunset, visit this breathtaking view, where the land and sea meet. With the sea gently caressing the sand and the sun bedding down below the horizon, the final strands of light shed an almost mystical illumination over the shadowy beach – it’s sure to inspire the thought of enduring togetherness.

River Banwell in Banwell Rhyne

The tumble down bridge over the River Banwell in Banwell Rhyne is a photographer’s dream. It has the essence of peace and of romance that has passed the test of time. How many lovers have walked across that small bridge, perhaps pausing to gaze at their unified reflection in the water beneath? How many have playfully threatened to push each otherover the edge, a gentle wrestle that has developed into a warm embrace? Take a look and try it.

Shute Shelve Tunnel

A tunnel might not seem the perfect place for romance unless, of course, we are talking of the Tunnel of Love, which once graced our fairgrounds. However. the unromantically named Shute Shelve Tunnel makes for a wonderful Valentine’s Day adventure, and can be found by following the old Strawberry Line. It was once part of the railway line near Winscombe, but since it’s closure has become the delight of walkers and cyclists. The 165 metre tunnel is home to bats and cave spiders – if that doesn’t give you a good excuse for a hug, nothing will

Severn Estuary

The Severn Estuary is all things to all people, but alongside Clevedon Pier at dusk there is a different atmosphere. The beach transforms into a thrilling scene from the Arabian Nights, in which the handsome prince captures the heart of the beautiful princess and they ride off into the sunset to start a new life in paradise. By day it might not seem so romantic, but when the sun goes down it’s as breathtaking and electifying as that first touch of a hand.

Kennet and Avon canal

Laze on a colourful canal boat on the serene waters of the Kennet and Avon canal. As the boat drifts, allow yourself to notice the beauty of the riverside – and in each other – as life slows to a blessed stillness.

Glastonbury Abbey

Far from the madding crowd of Glastonbury, yet relatively not really far at all, sit the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, an iconic area of meditation, history and aesthetic contemplation. It is a place of peace, a place for promises, perhaps even a place for proposals of undying magnitude. With no distractions except perhaps for a gentle breeze stirring the emotions of those who have trod that ground before, Glastonbury Abbey has that special aura that expresses so much without uttering a single word.

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