A Landscape Reconciled

PUBLISHED: 14:23 21 March 2013 | UPDATED: 21:15 05 April 2013

A Landscape Reconciled

A Landscape Reconciled

Photographic Artist Christina White MA, ARPS presents an exhibition at Wells Museum, April 2 - 27

Christina White is a photographic artist whose interest lies in the post industrial man altered landscape of the Mendip Hills. The work forms part of a larger project, spanning centuries of mineral extraction. Her work does not necessarily convey an environmental message; she is more preoccupied with the relationship between Nature and the Post Industrial Landscape.

There is a contrast between nature allowed to take on the form of a previously mined landscape and that which is hidden by the planting of forest. The tenacity of the earth to recover and evolve is extraordinary. The exhibition indicates a personal journey on the Mendips, whose natural resources have been exploited over many centuries. I have made a systematic exploration, revealing historical traces of mining, smelting and quarrying industries. I use multiple exposures in camera and in post processing to create images which reveal the different layers of history together with the narrative of the industrial past. The act of creating each picture taps into my conscious feeling for the ritualistic landscape of bronze age barrow cemeteries. Supported by the visible archaeology, the work has been inspired by 19th century photographers.

Christina White uses large format and medium format film cameras to create her pictures. She processes film personally, and the negatives are then digitally scanned. The printer is part of the creative process and each photograph is produced using two layers of printing.

A Landscape Reconciled runs at Wells Museum from 2 - 27 April

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