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PUBLISHED: 09:00 20 March 2014

Brent Knoll from the Levels

Brent Knoll from the Levels


Take a walk from East Brent and take in some fantastic views en route

Burnham Pillar LighthouseBurnham Pillar Lighthouse


1. Head down Church Road and through the gates of the church. Pass into the churchyard, turn left following the footpath signs.

You will be directed around a school playground and reach a stile by a gate. Cross stile and ascend the hill, passing through two kissing gates on the way up.

Ordnance Survey Mapping, Crown Copyright Media 001/13Ordnance Survey Mapping, Crown Copyright Media 001/13

On reaching the top follow the path going straight across the top.

2. Pass the Jubilee Bonfire stone and watch for steps descending to the left. On reaching them turn left and descend, before passing through kissing gate.

Follow the path downwards as it skirts the edge of the field. The path turns right, then left again before heading through trees at the rear of Brent Knoll Church. Emerge onto Church Lane in Brent Knoll and turn left. Follow the road down to the main road then turn right and look out for the footpath sign on the left hand side of the road.

Points of interest

-360 degree fantastic views from the top of Brent Knoll.

-Burnham’s pillar lighthouse, which was a popular tourist attraction for viewing the coasts of Wales and North Devon.

-On the beach at low tide the wreck of the Norwegian sailing ship SS Nornen, which ran aground in 1897 becomes exposed.

3. Turn left onto this path and pass through a field. Following the right of way, pass over a small sleeper bridge followed by a wooden footbridge.

4. Go straight on until you reach a stile on the right. Cross the stile and another straight ahead in a short distance and pass into a field.

Follow the path until the point where the hedgerow turns sharp right. Bear diagonally left and cross the field to reach a gate at the rail foot crossing.

Carefully cross the railway line, then three fields where after crossing a stile you will arrive in a lane.

5. Turn right and follow the lane, which later becomes a hedge-lined path.

6. At the junction with a bridleway, turn left through a gate. This path soon reaches a track, which leads into Burnham-on-Sea.

When you reach the end of the road, turn right, then almost immediately left to head down to the main B road. Turn left along this.

Shortly you will see a lighthouse on the right which has been turned into a house.

7. Take the second turning on the right. At the end of the road you will see a footpath on your right. Follow this as it winds around behind the houses.

8. After a short while, you will arrive on the beach. The second lighthouse should not be far in front of you.

Turn right along the beach and keep heading along it for just over two miles. The final part of the beach walk passes through wooden posts that delineate the end of the Berrow Beach Car Park.

9. Continue along the beach to the far end of the car park where you should turn right to leave by the beach access road. Go down the road to the end and turn right, then pass through the entrance of a caravan park on the other side of the road, on your left. Follow the road and after approximately 300 yards, take the first turning on the right. Cross a junction and pass by a duck pond on your left. As you continue in this direction, you pass a dog walking area and shortly after crossing a park road emerge from the caravan park onto a main road.

10. Cross carefully and go ahead down a track opposite.

11. After approximately 3/4 mile turn right on a signed path through a gate and walk ahead with rhyne on your left. Cross the stile on your left into a field. Walk alongside the hedge on your right to the corner of the field.

Exit field over a footbridge and cross a track, before entering the next field by a footbridge. Turn right and go ahead to pass through a gate then bear left to cross a field diagonally and cross a footbridge. Continue to cross a further footbridge. When you approach a farm, the right of way bends back right and then passes through the drive of a house to end in Ham Road, which you can see from the field.

At the road, turn left and head back toward Brent Knoll, crossing a railway bridge as you go.

12. At the T junction you will see a footpath opposite and slightly to the left directing you down a back alley.

Head up the alley, then up a short but steep climb part-way up Brent Knoll. At the top turn left, then follow the path as it bends around a water treatment plant.

Shortly after this emerge into a field, crossing a stile on your left and then bear right and head across a field.

Cross five further fields (in some of which there are usually cattle grazing on the other side of an electric fence). In the final field, follow direction arrow downhill into a dip lost in the bushes to find a stile crossing footbridge.

Cross the stile and footbridge and follow the path up the short, steep climb through bushes. When you emerge, turn left into a field and at gate ahead cross a stile to the road.

Turn left on the road. In a short distance on the other side of the road, cross over a stile on your right into a field overlooking the church.

At the bottom of field a gate takes you onto a path through the graveyard and you can pass down this back to Church Road, where you began the walk.

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