Finding the right waterproof jacket

PUBLISHED: 09:47 02 October 2017

Waterproof jackets at Taunton Leisure - tried, tested and brilliant!

Waterproof jackets at Taunton Leisure - tried, tested and brilliant!


Make sure you’re protected against the elements our beautiful landscape throws at us this autumn and winter with a waterproof jacket. Taunton Leisure talk us through what to look for before buying...

It will soon be getting cold again and with cold comes the rain (and normally lots of it here in the south west) so make sure you’re protected against the elements our beautiful landscape throws at us. There is a lot more that goes into a waterproof jacket than meets the eye, and there is normally a reason stronger than the manufacturer for why one is more expensive than the other.

There are a wide variety of models of waterproof jackets. When I say waterproof, I mean waterproof – guaranteed to keep the water out and continue to do so for your complete journey and if you shop at Taunton Leisure, these are the only type of waterproof jackets they stock. Tried, tested, brilliant!

Of course, fabrics, features, and price have a key bearing on performance and below are a few ideas of what to look for when deciding.

Firstly, decide what use you are purchasing the garment for. It’s likely that the jacket will cope with a range of activities. But for example, buying a longer length, heavier jacket for walking year-round, may not be a good idea, if you would like to do other day-to-day activities, such as to cycle to work regularly as well.

When I talk to people, it’s clear that one jacket may not do everything required. A lightweight, easily packable jacket is ideal for summer months. Coupling this with a longer one, for rougher days and seasons have become the norm.

It’s amazing how many people don’t try and put up the hood when trying a jacket on in store. Let’s face it, when it’s pouring, windy and generally unpleasant you want a hood that fits well, maintains vision and keeps the rain out. Look for a hood that adjusts, usually with drawcords and cord lock, both around the face and at the back for volume (called volume adjuster). This allows you to move your head and allow the hood to move with you. Win!

Another key thing often overlooked is pockets. Lots of jackets feature a ‘map pocket’. Large enough for a standard folded OS map, they are usually under the storm flap (cover the front zip to keep out driving rain and wind, usually secured by Velcro or press-studs) to give greater protection from the weather; also useful for wallets, key, phones etc. The exterior pockets on waterproof jackets are not usually guaranteed waterproof because it’s difficult to keep the water out when you may be opening them up, so keep that in mind.

Pocket linings do vary, from light breathable mesh to fully sealed fabric constructions. Internal pockets vary from a large bottle or goggle pockets for mountain use to zipped security pockets – so depending on your activity, it’s good to keep an eye on certain features and benefits of each individual jacket as you can hopefully see, there’s more than eye.

For more helpful buying advice and a great range of waterproof jackets for all activities then head to the Taunton Leisure website or visit one of the stores in Bristol, Exeter or, you guessed it, Taunton. Also if you sign up to the newsletter you get 10% off your first purchase.

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