Somerset Life Christmas Quiz

PUBLISHED: 09:40 19 November 2008 | UPDATED: 15:36 20 February 2013

Question 4

Question 4

Put your knowledge of Somerset to the test with our bumper Christmas quiz by Christopher Winn and you could win a year's subscription to Somerset Life. The answers will be revealed in the January issue of Somerset Life - on sale <br/>23 December 2008....

1 Who is credited with planting the original Glastonbury Thorn?

2 Where in Somerset was Henry Fielding, author of Tom Jones and co-founder of the Bow Street Runners, born in 1707?

3 Which river runs through Somerset's county town?

4 Where in Somerset would you find Vicar's Close, the oldest unchanged street in Europe?

5 Which romantic literary heroine was married in St Mary the Virgin church in Oare, where her creator's grandfather was rector?

6 Cricket House, in Cricket St Thomas, is the setting for which television programme?

7 Which 17th-century philosopher, the first English empiricist, was born in a small thatched cottage beside the church in Wrington?

8 What Somerset town links a fire-damaged Edwardian pier, a disgraced Tory peer, and a Monty Python star?

9 What is the name of the world's oldest known roadway, which lies on the Somerset Levels west of Glastonbury?

10 What is the Roman name for Bath?

11 Who was the first abbot of Glastonbury Abbey (pictured above)?

12 Sci-fi author and inventor, Arthur C Clarke, who died in March this year, was born in Minehead in 1917. What did the 'C' stand for?

13 In what year did the Battle of Sedgemoor take place?

14 Which Nobel Prize winner is buried in East Coker, from where his ancestors emigrated to America?

15 Where would you find St Beuno's, the smallest medieval church still in use in England (pictured above)?

16 What did Queen Elizabeth I's godson, John Harington of Kelston, invent and provide a nickname for?

17 What is the name of England's oldest bridge, which crosses the River Barle at Winsford on Exmoor?

18 John Hanning Speke, born in Jordans, Ilminster, in 1827, discovered the source of which river?

19 Bath is the postmark on the world's first stamped envelope (stamped with a penny black) thanks to a postal pioneer known as 'The Man of Bath', whose quarries provided the Bath stone from which much of the 17th-century city was built. What was his name?

20 John Henry Brodribb, born in Keinton Mandeville in 1838, was the first actor ever to be awarded a knighthood. What was his stage name?

21 What is the highest point in Somerset?

22 'There's a breathless hush

in the close tonight,

Ten to make and the match to win...

Play up! Play up! And play the game!'

The Poet Laureate responsible for these fine words is buried inside a church on an island in the grounds of Orchardleigh Park. What is his name?

23 Who designed Bath's Pulteney Bridge, one of only four bridges in the world to be lined with shops?

24 What name links Britain's oldest complete human skeleton and cheese?

25 In what small village not far from Taunton would you find a grave covered by a marble slab inscribed with the words 'Evelyn Waugh, writer'?

26 Revd James Woodforde, born in Ansford in 1740, was the author of which bestseller?

27 Which grand Somerset house has the longest Long Gallery of its kind in Europe?

28 Cadbury Hill is thought by some to be the site of which legendary city?

29 The famous 'Green Howards' regiment were originally raised by Colonel Francis Luttrell to support William of Orange in his campaign for the English throne - which of Somerset's great buildings does the regiment regard as its ancestral home?

30 Engineer Sir Benjamin Baker, born in Frome in 1840, was the designer of which iconic bridge?

31 What phonographic shorthand system - the world's first - was first taught at the Mechanics Institute, 3 Bath Street, Bath, in 1839?

32 The Treaty of Wedmore of AD 878 was an agreement between which two leaders?

33 What hymn was Augustus Toplady inspired to write while sheltering from a storm in Burrington Combe?

34 The secret recipe for what delicacy was willed by Dr William Oliver to his coachman Atkins, who then set up a profitable business selling the product at 13 Green Street in Bath?

35 John Edward Taylor, born in Ilminster in 1791, and Sir Cyril Pearson, born in Wookey in 1866, both founded national newspapers. Which ones?

36 The holy well from which Wells Cathedral sprang is dedicated to which saint?

37 Which poem did Samuel Coleridge compose after meeting an old sailor in Watchet?

38 On the west front of which of Somerset's ecclesiastical buildings can you find Jacob's Ladder?

39 By tradition, Dr John Bull, born in Wellow in 1562, wrote the music for what?

40 Where in Somerset was designated in 1956 as England's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?


Check the News & Views section of January edition of Somerset Life for the answers to these questions! On sale December 23 2008.

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