Is private surgery the right option for you?

PUBLISHED: 15:30 04 December 2018 | UPDATED: 17:17 07 December 2018

"Appointments, surgery and treatment can be booked to suit you when you make the decision to have private healthcare."


The benefits of private healthcare in comparison to the free service provided by the NHS have been long debated. We talk to Matthew Hall, orthopaedic surgeon and clinical director at the Kingston Wing in Yeovil Hospital about why going private could be the best decision for you and your health

Shorter waiting times

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of opting for private healthcare is you’ll be waiting a shorter time for treatment or surgery. Matthew Hall, an orthopaedic surgeon and the clinical director at the Kingston Wing – the private health care unit at Yeovil Hospital – says, “The NHS is an amazing resource that is available to all so, naturally, waiting times are longer. Patients who choose to receive care on the Kingston Wing receive all the benefits of a private unit, including shorter waiting times and a tailored care plan, with the peace of mind that comes from being located within an NHS hospital.”

More people want to take ownership of their health without it impacting their lifestyle - work, leisure activities or travel. This means they don’t want to put their lives on hold waiting for treatment or surgery.

Matthew knows what a life-changing difference knee or hip replacement surgery has had on his patients, from being able to do simple things like walking the dog to playing golf or tennis, and they’ve been able to get back to their normal routine much more quickly by choosing private healthcare.


Appointments, surgery and treatment can be booked to suit you when you make the decision to have private healthcare. At the Kingston Wing, the team tailor every care plan to suit the individual, working with you to ensure your visits fit around a work schedule, family commitments or an upcoming holiday.

“One of the advantages of private care is that we have the time and flexibility to work with our patients to provide a bespoke experience,” says Mr Hall. “It’s very important to me that every patient on the Kingston Wing feels in control of the process.”

Matthew Hall and Sister Champi on the Kingston Wing, Yeovil HospitalMatthew Hall and Sister Champi on the Kingston Wing, Yeovil Hospital

Choose your surgeon or clinician

There’s no need to search far and wide as private practices offer a myriad of hospital treatments. For example, the Kingston Wing at Yeovil Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services including breast surgery, cardiology, hip and knee surgery, through to dermatology and cosmetic treatments, such as botox, fillers and the removal of varicose veins, all under one roof. Mr Hall and his colleagues are also continually developing the menu of services at the Kingston Wing to make sure people from Somerset, Dorset and beyond have access to the widest possible range of clinical and cosmetic treatments.

Private patients also have greater choice over who provides their treatment. Matthew says, “As a private patient you may also have the opportunity to choose your own surgeon. There’s now a good and increasing range of information about surgeons’ performance which is available to patients to help them make informed decisions about who they come and see. And of course, the Kingston Wing team can help patients make the choice that is best for their needs.”

It’s also clear you’re in safe and caring hands when you make the Kingston Wing your choice for private care.

“We put the patient at the absolute centre of everything we do here on the Kingston Wing,” says Mr Hall, “And that’s an ethos which we all believe in, whether you are a surgeon or nurse, a receptionist or housekeeper.

“We’re passionate about understanding what our patients need from their treatment, and what’s important to them during their private healthcare experience. I want their time with us to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. As a patient, if you feel confident and relaxed about your treatment, you’ll progress through recovery and rehabilitation more easily and get back to your normal lifestyle more quickly.”

Luxury facilities & privacy

When you pay for private healthcare, you can expect a certain standard of accommodation and service. “On the Kingston Wing, we aspire for a service which is closer to a hotel experience than that of a hospital,” says Mr Hall.

A varied menu is available at all times on the Kingston WingA varied menu is available at all times on the Kingston Wing

Kingston Wing patients staying overnight enjoy the privacy and comfort of their own room, with en-suite facilities, complimentary toiletries and towels and gowns.

The bedrooms also offer WiFi, large flat screen TVs and free to use telephones. A varied menu is available at all times – cooked breakfasts, freshly prepared sandwiches and salads, delicious lunches and dinners are on offer throughout the day. Visiting family and friends will also enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Transparent pricing

Cost is one of the main considerations when thinking about private healthcare. However, with today’s competitive market and with the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) ruling that pricing must be transparent for prospective patients, choosing private care has never been easier or more reasonable.

At the Kingston Wing in Yeovil Hospital their inclusive guide prices are clearly displayed online and include all consultant and treatment fees, accommodation and food and drinks. A written quote, setting out all costs, is also provided before treatment meaning you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying.

“We take care to offer our patients the best possible price for their care, whilst never compromising on the expertise and service we deliver,” says Mr Hall.

Matthew Hall is an orthopaedic surgeon and the clinical director of the Kingston Wing at Yeovil HospitalMatthew Hall is an orthopaedic surgeon and the clinical director of the Kingston Wing at Yeovil Hospital

Profits from the Kingston Wing are re-invested into Yeovil Hospital to support the NHS and all patient care.

The Kingston Wing provides private healthcare and medical services to those with private medical insurance or those who are self-funding their treatment. The Kingston Wing is based in Yeovil Hospital in Higher Kingston, Yeovil. To find out more, visit the website or get in touch online.

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